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Rare and Worth finding! - 90%

erickg13, August 6th, 2006

"Loudest Love" an accompanying EP to their 1989 album "Louder than Love"
(Similar to what "Somms" is to "BadMotorFinger", or what "Songs from the Superunknown" is to "Superunknown"). What makes this so worth finding to a fan is it includes the rare "Come Together" cover.

The first 3 songs are straight from "Louder than Love" (Loud Love, Hands All Over and Get on the Snake). The following 4 are what this EP is all about. Those 3 songs are awesome but are on "Louder than Love" so I will be skipping them.

Starting off with "Heretic" which is a typical Soundgarden song, heavy, quirky and great vocals. Sounds much like what was to come on BadMotorFinger.

Next is the crown jewel is "Come Together" cover, which slightly differs from the original, but nearly equals the original. Just for this song, "Loudest Love" is worth finding. One of my favorite covers ever.

"Fresh Deadly Roses" is another typical song by Soundgarden, though it has mildly poppy overtones. It also has a very catchy chorus. Chris more than likely knew this was gonna be a b-side/outtake, so he decided to expirement.

Lastly "Big Dumb Sex (New Version)" is interesting on first listen but is nothing special, and disposable. It has re-mixing which isn’t all that great but is kind of funny, which includes movie audio clips, a girl moaning, and Chris screaming.

Interesting Fact: "Come Together" is the only song that brief Soundgarden bassist, Jason Everman ever played on, with them.

Overall this is a great find for any Soundgarden fan!