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Classic Early Soundgarden - 80%

erickg13, August 3rd, 2006

Louder than Love, Soundgardens' major label debut, is a near classic. If Soundgarden was never to release another album, this would still be a quirky, cool album, thats worth finding. But alas, they did release more albums, and this is looked as a stepping stone to better ventures. A few plusses of this album are; Chris Cornells voice, which is great; Kims blossoming signature guitar style, Hiros fluid bass lines, and Matts time signatures start to become more complex. A few minuses are its production, its not like its bad (*cough*...And Justice For All*cough*) everything is audible and mixed good, it just has a overly metallic sound.

Also, this is an overly ironic album which is not for everyone. A good example is "Big Dumb Sex" which is meant to be a satirical take on hair metal. Also "Power Trip" contains lyrics that sound concieted, but they are, again, another take on hair metal.

Louder than Love, does however, contain some very strong songwriting in "Hands all Over", a enviromental plee. But even this falls victim to misunderstood lyrics with lines like "you're gonna kill your mother, yeah, kill your mother...and i love her". Out of context this is extremely controvercial, in reality it's a reference to "Mother Earth".

Another good song is the creeping "Gun". Which starts slow and builds to a speeding rant. "Get on The Snake" is also a foreshadow of future Soundgarden to come. The strongest track is more than likely the title track ("Loud Love"), though has a creepy overtone.

Overall this is a strong release from an awesome band. While not as strong and cohesive as BadMotorFinger and nowhere near Superunknown, this a great listen.