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Explosive, dynamic, angry... Soundgarden - 93%

Psychedelia, April 6th, 2005

I exactly remember the first contact with this band. I got this album, and had the high expectations. After first listen it was something like: ''wtf is this ?''
Through the whole album you will be flogged by aggressive, psychedelic and loud metal, somewhere between atmosphere of Pink Floyd and energy of stoner rock (or grunge if you want).
Music is very dynamic, with interesting and original guitarwork by Kim Thayil, and one of the best vocals on alternative scene - Chris Cornell. There are moments, when you will don't know which attitude against this singer you could employ.
But back to the music. Band use only one guitar, and I personaly think it's the best thing they could do. Because of only one axe, sound is not so heavy and close, and this is making sound more and more strange, psychedelic, aggressive and with space for high pitched screamed Cornell's vocals. Band is well working with energy, and they know that faster and heavier doesn't mean better.
Cornell uses frustrating vocals through this aggressive mass, and effect is something, that will change your thoughts, and your mood.
You will feel that overpressure in your head. This is what band filtrate through their music and give it to listener.
Hand in hand with lyrics, this will start your small personal culture revolution.

This is not typical review, because this is not typical release. Soundgarden is unconventional psychedelic attack on your mind, thoughts and views.
With every listen you'll get more into this release, band, to their genius. This album is good to start with them.