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A rare gem, but for its rarity it could be better - 80%

erickg13, November 10th, 2006

The title explains all of my feelings about this release. Though it is not, in any way a letdown. “Louder than Live! At the Whisky” is the audio only version to the complimentary video “Louder than Live” taken from the same performance. That said, the video is much better, maybe it’s because you can see the raw energy of the bad, maybe it’s the black and white coloring of the video, I don’t really know.

But it despite my feelings of it, it has some very good qualities. The sound quality, for one, is great for a live album. Not only does the band sound amazing, the crowd and the overall acoustics of the instruments are crisp and clean. Also, there seems to be a connection between the band and audience, maybe because of the Whisky’s size, which may have also have contributed to the acoustics of the album, being a small club versus an arena where most live albums are recorded.

While it does not include what you might consider their “hits” of the time (“Loud Love”, “Hand All Over”, “Flower”, “Nothing to Say”, etc…), it includes some more of their more average stuff from “Louder than Love”. Some of the key tracks include “Get on the Snake”, “Gun”, and “Big Dumb Sex” those being more straight ahead rockers. This also includes the rare Spinal Tap cover “Big Bottom” and Cheech and Chong cover “Earache My Eye”.

Overall this is a decent live album made for the hardcore Soundgarden fan, being that is it so rare means that only a hardcore fan would search for it and pay for it (it runs from 50 to 100 dollars on Ebay).

Quick Aside that has nothing to do with the review, the album case is absolutely awesome. It’s an completely unique cardboard case, bigger than a digipak or jewelcase, with duct tape all around it, and the giant sticker clearly stating what this album is. It’s pretty neat, or I’m just a nerd (probably both).