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A Mixed Bag. - 77%

erickg13, February 8th, 2007

With Soundgarden you have to be ready for almost anything, especially on their early material. FOPP may be the perfect example of this. It starts out with two very good hard rock songs, “Kingdom of Come” and “Swallow My Pride”, respectively, followed by two oddball songs “Fopp” and “Fopp (dub remix)”.

As was the case with “Screaming Life” this shows the band experimenting with a few different elements, although “Kingdom of Come” and “Swallow My Pride” are straight forward rock songs. But the “Fopp” duo makes up for that completely. And was the case with “Little Joe” on “Screaming Life” there is an odd rap influence or willingness to experiment with rap. That’s not to say they sound like Anthrax on “Bring the Noize” or anything close. If a comparison must be made they sound more like Chuck Moseley era Faith No More. These “rap” songs are, at worst, humourous to listen to, as they never went much farther than these early examples.

Also worth noting is the inclusion of “Swallow My Pride”. Why is it so notable? Well, this song is actually a cover of Green River. Soundgarden was one of the first to cover it, if not the first, and not long after it became a sort of right of passage to cover it, as many bands did. So this the first example of this of this, which makes it special.

Overall, Soundgarden’s “Fopp” EP is largely a mixed bag. At worst it is very interesting, at best, it is something that is off the beaten path. Also, this was combined with “Screaming Life” on cd, so you wont have to hunt down some rare vinyl to hear this.