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A treat for their fans. - 83%

erickg13, February 5th, 2007

Soundgarden has always been a bit of an enigma, and their release may be the perfect example of this. You have the psychedelic stoner metal song “Flower” followed by the punky “Head Injury” and then closed up by the absolutely doomy “Toy Box”. Each song has a flavor all its own.

Both “Flower” and “Head Injury” are from the 1988 album, “UltraMega OK”, but the last song “Toy Box” can only be found here, making this EP more than just a rehash of material you can find on other albums. “Flower” is the “single” of “Ultramega OK”, but “Toy Box” really steals the show from it.

“Toy Box” was an outtake from “UltraMega OK” which is quite a surprise, seeing as this is a quality doom metal song. Imagine, if you will, what Saint Vitus would sound like if they had Bruce Dickinson as a singer, well that’s how Soundgarden sounds on “Toy Box”.

So, overall, Soundgarden’s “Flower” EP is worth tracking down for fans who need to have everything by them. However, fans of doom metal may enjoy this if they have the chance. Again, this isn’t just a throw away EP, there is three quality tracks, and one can’t be found anywhere else.