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Are You Ready to Give & Not Just Receive? - 65%

DeathRiderDoom, March 17th, 2010

Sound Barrier are and oddity because they’re a metal band consisting of all African-American members – they’re like the Bad Brains of heavy metal, sans the annoying Rastafarian aspects. Anyway, after an odd fusion album debut, ‘Barrier kicked things into full-on hardout heavy metal mode with this rather nifty EP. All-round it’s pretty rockin’, with a solid, thick production job and some generally crunching guitar. This band reminds me a little bit of Ruffkut at times, while in their heavier moments they might be a touch like Warchylde or The Rods. A couple of strong cuts, couple of slightly average ones, but all round an EP worth a listen if you’re into this sort of thing.

‘Raging Heart’ is the albums hardest hitter and it’s the strong point for sure. This one is a sure fire fast galloping metal track which pulls out all the stops. The main riff rocks along adequately, but the radness is felt in the cool lead and solo sections, which are couples with thunderous drum fills. Bernie K. pulls out some rad vocal tones in this one, adding to the sense of metallic passion the song conveys – a solid effort. Much in the same vein is ‘Born to Rock’, which though being slapped with a name from the Acme Song Title Factory, is a heavy metal pounder with relentless power and enthusiasm. Again some cool little guitar bits from "Spacey T", and a neat vocal squeal by Bernie K. put you in your place.

Though those tracks are the best present, ‘Conquer the World’ isn’t horrible, with a catchy chorus you might expect from Warchylde or something. The presence of a cover (especially one as common as this one) would usually annoy me, here it adheres to my “only on EP’s and live albums” rule, so it gets a pass, meanwhile ‘Conquer the World’ has some of the more complex guitar arrangements on the EP. Pretty cool, pounding straight up heavy metal here. Well worth tracking down if you enjoy the straight up trad’ stuff with balls and catchy choruses. If you’re still not convinced – look at their band picture – awesome stuff.