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Dark metal with power - 75%

Lane, September 19th, 2012

Perkele! Suomi Finland attacks again with another dark metal record. Soulgrind's sixth album is another "first one" for me. Well, almost, because I've seen the band's video clip... So it's a clean table for me to start with this album.

The mind behind Soulgrind, Lord Heikkinen (also in Gloomy Grim, Walhalla) together with a couple of well known Finnish metallers, namely Agathon (also in Gloomy Grim, Walhalla etc.) and from Azhemin (Thy Serpent and Nomicon) have created very Finnish sounding music. But it's not all just that, because 'Odious Emotions', for example, does it more American thrash metal way! Believe me or not, but it has Forbidden-ish or similar vibes. And it's not the only song sounding like that. The music is quite varying: dark metal, thrash metal, even death metal, but mid-paced. For my surprise there's not much of "folk" thing, which is fine. As their biography says, the music can be called a mixture of dark emotions, melodies and ultimate power (whatever that is, death maybe?). Anyways, I find the music good, whatever styles there might be in the Soulgrind's melting pot. Production sounds live and crunchy. Something hardly associated with dark metal, or what?! Recorded at Studio 303 with Doctor Coxx (?!?!) and mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila. By the way, there's a bonus track, well drunken performance, at the ending of 'Umpijään taistelijat', after a couple of minutes of silence. Soulgrind stick to rational song lengths.

Lyrics weren't included with promotional copy, so everything I can do is guess. There seems to be a lot of Finnish past/life, without forgetting paganism. Main vocals are handled by Azhemin together with Ms. Whisper Lilith (aka Tanya of Lullacry). Male vocals are grunted/growled and okay, together with shouted choirs sometimes (that thrash thing again). Female parts are strong, not usual "angelic" singing, which is heard way too much these days.

Definitely one of the better dark metal releases for a long time, at least what I've heard. The variety should ensure interesting and lasting listening pleasure for those who seek such. Soulgrind shows that dark metal can be rolling like hell!

(originally written for in 2002)