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WEAK is a better album title! - 30%

_Sepsis_, April 25th, 2012

After Soulfly released the 2005 album "Dark Ages", the band went more to a thrash metal direction with that album, and so does "Conquer", which was released three years later. In 2010, "Omen" was released and I was expecting a lot from this when Max Cavalera stated that the songs were gonna be shorter and faster, but the songs happened to be less inspired, boring, and the band itself sounds tired. The production seems alright, though.

At least we've got four songs that came out to be great: "Bloodbath & Beyond", "Jeffrey Dahmer", "Off With Their Heads", and "Mega-Doom", while the rest feels nothing but just weak. "Kingdom" must be the worst song off the album as it doesn't feel like a Soulfly song. The album also came with three bonus tracks on the double disc digipak edition, but they're all cover songs. The Excel cover "Your Life, My Life" was the only one that came out pretty alright. I've never even liked Led Zeppelin, so I always skip the cover of "Four Sticks", and last...isn't it pathetic to cover a own song? Soulfly recorded Sepultura's "Refuse/Resist"; I bet the ideas just ran out for Max when it comes to doing covers. I can understand that Soulfly plays Sepultura stuff during live shows, 'cause people want to hear the Sep's songs played by the former Sepultura frontman, even with a better guitar player that is Marc Rizzo, but doing something like that on an album just doesn't work.

I also said the band sounded very tired on this album and that's pretty obvious. Max's voice sounds tired and old here. Marc, though, does pretty great here, but Joe Nuñez's drumming doesn't impress me on this album and Bobby Burns' bass...well, I can barely hear it. And he also happens to be the worst bass player Soulfly ever had and pretty much drags the band down with his bass playing. Even in live shows he looks boring. He left the band the same year.

Well, I said that the album came out as a double disc digipak and contains a live dvd recorded at the Will Full Force Festival in Germany in 2009, and that pretty much saves everything. I rather watch the dvd than listen to the album, and even play those four great songs I mentioned.

One cool thing about this album is the album cover. I think it was pretty cool they had these seven "space monks" or whatever you see it. While this is the seventh Soulfly album, Max stated it was gonna represent like "the seven deadly sins". While these creatures are holding something that reflect the seven deadly sins, it must be the only cool thing about the album.