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Execution...Finland Style - 83%

GuntherTheUndying, October 9th, 2008

Nobody ever discusses or argues about Finland’s field of beautiful death metal bands. What a shame. The scene has grown away from a scene, into a class, and now, an underground sensation reaching past national lines; not quite usual, but it circumnavigates on a credible scale. “Teloitus” was popped out of the wretched womb of Sotajumala, definitely one of Finland’s current frontrunners, but there’s good reasoning for their power label storming past Heaven’s gates. Not only do they stay perfectly intact with death metal bonds, but Sotajumala has fun doing it…well, if infanticide is considered fun, then yea. A classic? No, but certainly memorable, if not motivating.

These guys have one ideology attached to their agenda: kill everything. Indeed, that certainly is achieved. The band’s riffing style mainly tracks into Morbid Angel -like complexity while obtaining a keen edge of quickness and stability not often discovered within these perimeters; however, everything looks dangerously technical compared to their obvious idols. In case you haven’t seen “Teloitus” in a bigger picture, think classic bands like Death or Obituary: old-school, son! Yep, that’s how it works. Plus, blastbeats are quite rare, bass is audible, and they solo like a cricket with Restless Leg Syndrome. Also, low, deep growls that avoid those guttural oinks are the only vocal pattern finding safety…ah yes, death metal reigns supreme. Sotajumala certainly knows how these tools operate. Either back off, or get crushed. Your call.

Still, there is no room for nonsensical grind influence, and that’s a huge charity. “Teloitus,” as a whole, associates itself towards beating atmospheres while Sotajumala’s relentless speed entwines the group towards healthier death metal, unlike those feasting upon blasting or unnecessary idiocy. So in fact, an ambience layers upon these swell barrages, definitely soaked in proper usage of death metal ideology many have indeed forgotten. Again, things continue down this stretch of expected foundations accommodating the velocity Sotajumala presents, which can’t hurt any stint of decency. However, they aren’t breathtakingly original, but that’s the point. Sotajumala isn’t bent on inheriting similar fame like Morbid Angel or Bolt Thrower, yet the job gets done, and very well I might add.

So, this is Sotajumala: a death metal band rampaging violently, but without an attempt to break ground or look special. Finland seems to have acquired a nice age of resurrecting death metal covered in utter furiousness, and still Sotajumala progresses even further as this enjoyable record disembowels others sneaking towards deathcore or generic feces. Although the band doesn’t stick out with shining originality, they’ve got some balls on those guns of theirs, slamming against every survivor that somehow crawled away from the madness glorified on “Teloitus” so elegantly. You see, playing it safe DOES have its occasional benefits, like “Teloitus” proves.

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