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War Fucking Metal indeed. - 85%

Kanwvlf, July 20th, 2004

Fuck, the songs on this album are brutal and fast. Right from the start (after the intro), you get treated to a huge fucking riff, and then a blast of brutallity right in your face. Followed by snarling growls, and drums that don't fucking stop, and are quite literally everywhere.

This band must be convinced that slow songs don't exist anymore, as they just pummel your face in with brutal death metal. Solos are everywhere, and melt your face when they come around. The songs are also pretty short, because if they were long, you'd get bored too easily. Short songs keep you on your toes, waiting for your next face destruction. Definately a promising release from Finland.

By the time you've listened to all of this album, your face should be melted onto the floor and pummeled into a thousand pieces. If it's not, you're not listening to it loud enough!