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Sulphurous Disappointment. - 65%

OmegaThrone, August 14th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Ván Records (Digipak)

This is kind of a shitty review to write, but after having listened to this album on probably 7 or so separate occasions it still does nothing for me. What makes it so is that on paper I should love this album, I loved the previous full length and their EP material is very strong. Anastasia has the best female vocals in black metal and she really shines on this release, delivering unto us nasty demonic howls and rotten unearthly bellows, this is the best part of the album. My beef is more or less with the music in the background and the production.

The music itself isn't awful, but it just doesnt scratch that itch for chaos that Arcane Death Ritual so easily satiated. The drums are catchy, but as result are a bit formulaic and never really go beyond a backing instrument. The guitar seems to suffer from the same problem, but there are points where it's allowed to flourish into something beautiful and reaction inducing. In my opinion, I think this record could have benefited with a bit more chaos and atmosphere, because it all seems a bit to clean, which brings me too.

The production on this album is too goddamn clean, and the atmosphere suffers while creating a disparate appearance between the aesthetic and the actual music itself. Arcane Death Ritual was fantastic, it was raw and emotional, this seems sterile a large portion of the time. This really lacks the atmosphere and subsequently the charm of its predecessor, instead standing as a monument to mediocrity in their otherwise fantastic catalogue.