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Burzum worship with female vocals - 68%

Ahmed_R, January 20th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Ván Records (Bandcamp)

Sulphurous Temple isn't something I listen to every day, but it's definitely worth checking out. The husband-and-wife team have created a beautifully strange and sometimes haunting atmosphere. The production has a ton of reverb and the rising and falling guitar riffs sound like they're echoing off some cavern... Somehow, the melodies and the atmosphere actually make it sound acidic - the burning fumes on the cover art feel like they're coming out of your speakers.

Musically it's pretty straightforward Burzum worship, and that works well for a while. The opening track "Night's Mouth" is fast, simple, raw, with few vocals, repeating the same riff to a decent hypnotic effect. The poblem is the rest of the songs sound almost the same, with a similar chord progression used every time. Also there's a totally useless synth track in the middle which is as interesting as the 25 minute abortion on Filosofem, though thankfully not as long.

There are plenty of good moments to this album, the first three songs in particular. But after a boring and unnecessary "instrumental" and some more songs that sound the same I start to have trouble paying attention, and that's why I couldn't give it a better score.