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Iceland's Finest Export - 95%

BuffaloWings666, November 12th, 2009

Apparently, this is the first thing Sororicide have released in 16 years. That said, not everything here is new. The first two tracks were previously released on their "Godlike/Last Dance" split with Chorus Of Ruin. The recordings on "Deathless" appear to be the same as those found on the aforementioned split, though the sound may have been tweaked, slightly. The song Deathless appears to be new, as it's not listed on anything else the band has released in the past, but it does sound like it could have been taken from the same recording session as the other two tracks.

If you're familiar with their full-length offering, "The Entity," you'll probably love this EP as well. Sound-wise, it is definitely more polished than "The Entity," but they still retain the raw, early 90's death metal feel that made them great in the first place. Much like the bulk of the songs on their album, the music is largely mid-paced death metal with haunting leads and a lot of double-bass driven drum work. Faster parts that are somewhat reminiscent of early Malevolent Creation exist, but are used sparingly, which compliments the song writing flawlessly. I suppose one could say that the riffs on "The Entity" were a little better, but that's if the listener is extremely picky. In my opinion, Sororicide have never recorded a bad song. The one new (or maybe just newly released) track, Deathless is nothing less than a great example of what the band does. It starts off with a simple riff and the drums quickly thunder in and as the song progresses, the death growls go back and fourth with brief, spoken passages. I say 'spoken' to distinguish what is happening from clean vocals. The spoken lyrics do not sound like samples, but they don't sound like an attempt at singing clean, either. While the low, growled vocals are distinctive in their own right, they are familiar enough to immediately bring you back to the early days of death metal.

To put it simply, Sororicide is an awesome death metal band you can't go wrong with anything they have done. They are the perfect example of that lesser-known gem, happily waiting to be discovered and when you discover them, you wonder why they aren't talked about more frequently among death metal fanatics (even when considering the band's origin). Since death metal has evolved into all kinds of subgenres since this band's inception, I feel the need to emphasize on the fact that this is recommended for fans of early 90's style death metal and would probably be appreciated by die-hard fans of Autopsy as well as fans of Asphyx, Nihilist and possibly early Acrostichon. That said, I feel like even making comparisons to other bands is a bit capricious, because they really do have a unique sound and would stand out when added to any given list of death metal bands. Maybe I compared this EP to "The Entity" a little too much, but that album will likely be a point of reference. Upon its release, the EP has been going for $15 (I've also seen it for $30 on Ebay) which might seem like a lot for a 3 song EP that comes in a cardboard sleeve, but if ever in your life, you were going to spend that much on three songs, make it these three. If nothing else, it's 12 to 13 minutes of solid music and considering that the split with Chorus Of Ruin, where two of the three songs were initially presented is probably not the easiest item in the world to track down a copy of, this is worth picking up. Sororicide are the best band I have ever come across from Iceland.... with that 70's prog band, Icecross being a moderate second.