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Complete Black Metal Experience - 100%

Kristenhat666, November 11th, 2006

For the majority of those who listen to Metal, SORHIN is a band that means very little. This is due either to the fact that they have never even heard of the band, or that they cannot digest their particular and extremely original style. Having said this, among the few who do like this band, most would tell you it ‘s an acquired taste. I am no exception. I first got a copy of SORHIN ‘s “I DET GLIMRANDE MÖRKRETS DJUP” many years ago, on a hot summer day. And although I found the album to contain some very good riffs, I was not too impressed. However, today, I would give this brilliant release a full 100 points without any hesitation. Sounds crazy??? Well, let me explain what brought about this change.

Now where do I start? Back in 1997, I saw the picture disc version of “I DET GLIMRANDE…” advertised in a Metal Catalogue. I doubt I’d exaggerate when I say that I was smitten with the cover! With its mysterious shade of blue, it portrays a sinister landscape swept by mist, whose laces seem to impale themselves on the bare funereal trees. But that’s not all. The band members’ war-painted faces emerge from this lugubrious setting, as specters from the deepest chasms of darkness. The album’s title, incidentally, means “In the Glimmering Depths of Darkness”, and this goes to show that neither the title nor the cover were chosen randomly. In fact, they were part of the band’s concept, and this is what most people have failed to understand. Now, it was impossible for me to get my hands on the album immediately, but when I eventually did (in SUMMER, I have to stress that), I did not make use of the clue that the CD’s name and artwork offered. My thought at the time was “pity the music does not match up to the cover”. Everything changed on the winter night I decided to listen to it on my discman and wander through the misty woodlands… You see, “I DET GLIMRANDE…” is far beyond a mere audio experience. It’s not meant for all year round listening. It was intended to satisfy those who, like me, cannot think of anything more beautiful and fulfilling than to walk upon disused paths lined with trees, caressed by the thick autumnal/wintry fog. And the songs SORHIN deliver here are a perfect musical expression of what is otherwise a visual (and physical) delight. Indeed the tracks heighten and intensify that experience even more.

So what about the music then? The typical style SORHIN have always played is both melodic and disharmonic, and the band’s ability to balance the two aspects is what has earned them their reputation for originality. The emphasis is on pure and straightforward Black Metal, suited for foggy winter nights, and one will hardly find anything else here. SORHIN have the right to be called a BM band, since they have not released anything else. Few bands can claim to compare. I doubt I could make readers understand exactly what the album sounds like. Experiencing the music on “I DET GLIMRANDE…” will separate those who will dismiss the album (as a result of their inability to fathom it) from the rare individuals who will realize its brilliance and uniqueness.

The lyrics are all in Swedish, and this is definitely one of the characteristics of True BM. I’m not asserting that English texts are unacceptable, just that the “true-ness’ is more accentuated when the songs are in Scandinavian. I personally find Swedish to be a dark and hatefully-sounding language, which means that it is ideal for the genre. Admittedly, I have been learning the language for a while, and this fact has allowed me to enjoy things even more, as I am not bored with it the way many Swedes might be yet can understand the meaning of the words so aggressively growled.

To summarize everything, I will say that SORHIN ‘s “I DET GLIMRANDE MÖRKRETS DJUP” is the most complete Black metal experience I can imagine. If, like me, you relish the feeling that you have when fog descends and you find yourself wandering alone on spectral pathways, free of the presence of the rest of mankind, nothing could ever boost your bliss and pleasure as much as this album!