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Sorg Innkallelse - Into the Dark Tower

That's great - 94%

ekolog, August 10th, 2016

Many Arab countries have a negative attitude toward metal music. Any opposition to religion can easily get someone put in jail. Iran is no exception. They have banned metal at the state level, and for it envisage criminal liability. Consequently, groups in this genre are very few and they are all in the deep underground. One of these groups, Sorg Innkallelse can safely be called a worthy representative of the small Iranian black metal scene.

This work, "Into the Dark Tower" is one of the best. The album is full of depression, anguish, rancor and fear, which are transmitted by the unique sound of the guitars. This buzzing, special distortion, which I would call a little east. This is not surprising, since such groups are often subjected to harassment by the authorities, and this leaves a significant mark in creativity. The music itself is very good. I associate the sound of this group with Sorg Innkallelse. This unique sound gives some depression and transmits middle eastern flavor and atmosphere. All songs on the album have a fast pace and "middle eastern riffs". Lyrics are unknown, but judging by the names of tracks, it is a fairly dark theme.

From the first track, "Arrival Tormentor," you will feel this grim middle eastern black metal fury. There's the unique sound of the guitars, temperate blast beats and good screaming vocals. The following tracks have a similar sound, but each of them has its own peculiarity, that leaves a good impression. "Departure" in the middle dilutes the album.
The last track, "Incessant Winds of Despair" is the best, it transmits the general mood.