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Excellent 70's Rock/Heavy Metal Fusion - 80%

Edward_The_Great, March 30th, 2009

Now THIS is a pleasant surprise! This band, Sorcery, was not always the weak force that they were on “Till’ Death Do We Part”. Here, they show that with a different style and singer, they can become an excellent band.

On this album, Sorcery’s classic rock sound is very present as you hear many sections reminiscent of Deep Purple and similar artists. Heavy metal is mixed with this classic sound, and the result is fabulous. Once you hear the band ripping away at fast, heavy tempos alongside the Purple riffs and Zeppelin drumming, you’ll know what I mean.

Most of the album is made up of NWOBHM/hard rock songs, that all include excellent soloing and melodies. A few beautiful ballads are present as well, one even clocking at over twelve minutes.

As for the band we have a 70’s rock sounding singer, a heavy and audible bassist, a 70’s drummer, (Yes, more 70’s) and an AMAZING guitarist. Seriously, this guy is incredible! Every song on here is filled with his phenomenal guitar solos, which range from a classic hard rock sound to a beautiful and intense style on the ballads. When listening through this album, the guitarist’ skill is what truly struck me.

If you’ve only listened to the second album, do not give up hope! This is much better, and manages to pretty incredible, especially for the time. This is an album that both classic rock lovers and metalheads can easily get into. If you can find this, then I definitely recommend it for you.