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Underground Classic - 84%

sdaniel, May 5th, 2008

Sorcery were one of those early swedish DM bands who managed to rise above the sea of endless demo bands, record proper material and actually establish a cult following among underground circles. I've never had the opportunity to hear the demos, but I guess they were pretty special, good enough for Thrash Records to offer to release this 7".

Both tracks appear on the full-length, but I personally prefer these versions, they're rawer, faster and have much more feeling and aggression. The music is basically old-school swedish death metal, with a hint of thrash, not unlike Epitaph's Seeming Salvation. There are some pretty cool riffs, especially in the song intros, generally the guitars do a great job, simple, catchy, chromatic riffs done the old-school way, no pointless soloing, just straight forward death metal. Thankfully there aren't any blastbeats, they would've ruined the atmosphere and don't really fit well into swedish DM (unlike USDM), the drum work is pretty technical and varied, and gets your head banging in the fast parts. The vocals are, again, done in the typical swedish way, throaty, raspy yells, except for a cool guttural part at the beginning of "The Rite of Sacrifice".

As mentioned many times before, this 7" is a typical example of true swedish oldschool death metal, a prime example of the genre in its glory days, you really can't go wrong with pretty much anything pre-1993, or anything on Thrash Records (except maybe the grind 7"s *shudders*). Anyway, if you found your way to this review, I guess you're a DM fan, so go get the original 7" if you can (yeah right), but fuck the Bloodchilling Tales re-releases with it as bonus tracks, just go download it fuck.