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Dawn of a Black Metal Rampage - 85%

BassLord, April 16th, 2005

Sorcery conjure up one hell of a black metal album with Dawn of a Coming Winter. Everything a fan of true black metal would want is here. Be it the icy cold guitar riffing, thunderous blast beat drumming, hellish vocals, and galloping bass lines, this band provides it all.

After a creepy intro, the assault begins. Sorcery hammer away at the listener with blizzard like ferocity. Voacalist/Guitarist Christraper shreds through evil riffs like nobody's business, all the while spewing forth the bands blasphemous lyrics. The vocals are very reminiscent of Abbath from Immortal, giving the band a consistently dark tone.

Drummer Bloodfuck pummels his kit with precise intensity, but also knows when to let up and vary his approach. Bassist Baelphegor has a very unique tone with just the right amount of distortion, adding much to the bands heaviness while also having a very clear sound that allows him to shine through on this album.

The production is raw, but not too raw adding a very dark atmosphere which complements the bands grim but melodic riffing. Any fan of Darkthrone or Immortal should check out this release as well as any fan of real black metal.