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The Darkness Returns - 80%

BlackBileAnatomy, January 12th, 2016

Formed in the early 1990s, Sorath was one of the earlier American black metal bands. Disbanded after a few demos and a single EP, they never put out a full length album. The bands first two demos border on unlistenable for reasons of abysmal production and poor song writing and execution. The band seemed to have gotten it together for their EP though, which is pretty good, except they never got the production out of 1994 Moonblood demo quality.

This demo, like everything Sorath put out before it, also has quite terrible production. The drums get lost in the mix at times and fuzz can be overwhelming. The demo consists of seven tracks but only three I would call "real" songs. Tracks one, three and five are small interludes consisting of medieval acoustic melodies and wolf sounds. They sound okay, but they don't seem particularly essential to the demo. The last track is a kind of ambient synth piece. The actual songs on the album are actually rather good. They sound like a mix between the EP and Black Funeral's Throne of the Beast. While Sorath's earlier work was more of an attempt to mimic bands from Norwegian scene, this album is quite different. It sounds quite a bit more French black legions than Norwegian. There is a lot of very good tremolo picked melodies that remind me a bit of Moonblood and even Mutiilation at times while still remaining distinct. This album feels like the band was developing a sound similar to the first two Black Funeral albums on this demo.

Overall it's good demo worth checking out for anyone interested in Black Funeral's early works or Moonblood.