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Nice - 80%

V1C10US, July 21st, 2010

For a person who has been listening to John Schaffer’s Iced Earth band for more than 10 years, the Sons of Liberty project feels like another Iced Earth (I.E.) album, giving you the feeling of just being listening some more of the same stuff from the previous years; with a little bit of innovation. This is a concept album; this time, politics is the main idea.

There are some aspects of this album that tend to be repetitive, yet not that annoying. In general the lyrics, and writing ability is good; the riffs and the songs in general remain on the same pace with no big rhythm changes. The voice pitch is almost the same in every song, it’s not bad, but there is no real feeling behind that voice; but you have to be clear that Schaffer have performed always the backing vocals and rhythm guitar in I.E., with the only exception of the Stormrider song that he always sings.

For those who have not listen to I.E., this album should be a good introduction to Schaffer’s music. By the middle of the album you’ll reach its climax then to decrease and close with a good song. For those like me that have been listening to his music for a while, will understand that when I say that he has become predictable, in the sense that is clear that the first two I.E. albums where composed by a band instead of just one man, seems that Schaffer applies the same formula when is producing an album.

Not being unfair with the album and Sons of Liberty project but criticizing Schaffer’s past albums, 80% is what I give to this album. Even though it is really worth listening.