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A joke! Pop music with distortion. - 0%

sevenlee7, October 8th, 2010

Seriously, what were they thinking? I've heard some fall from graces in the past but this takes the cake.

I fully appreciate when a band progresses. Even though some great bands have changed very little over the years but have still maintained legendary status (namely AC/DC, Slayer) I still prefer to hear a band change its style a little album after album to not get stale. However I think Sonic Syndicate took that idea and ran with it a little too much.

To be honest, I was never really a big fan of them. I think "Eden Fire" had a few decent moments but after that they kind of went generic and boring. I'd still give them a listen or two when I was sick of listening to other stuff. I also like to keep an ear out for new material from bands that I don't particularly like but have liked a little in the past or in which I hear some potential. So when they released "We Rule the Night", I thought I'd better give it a listen.

The opener "Beauty And The Freak" confirmed my fears that they had not tried to change and continued in the same catchy mainstream vein as they had before. However after that, something changed. When "Revolution, Baby" played, I thought they had tried to reintroduce nu-metal, with its Limp Bizkit sounding verse and almost Nickelback like chorus. However it all started to collapse with "Turn It Up". It's here where they really started to leave any kind of metal sound behind and venture ahead into radio rock territory. The only thing they seemed to attempt here was a catchy chorus melody that they might have thought would attract some new fans away from Lady Gaga.

Unfortunately, the awfulness didn't end there. It was while I was listening to "My Own Life" that I simply had to laugh, literally. I had to double check that I was actually listening to same band. This song is perhaps the biggest joke I've heard in music since "Achy Breaky Heart". You remember that Billy Ray Cyrus embarrassment to the music world? Well for me it now has a less famous cousin. Imagine watching that ridiculous musical TV show "Glee". Now imagine those stupid characters performing a "feel good, get everyone moving, lets all hug each other 'cause we have no other friends" type pop tune and you'll pretty much get what "My Own Life" sounds like. After laughing for the whole 3 minutes, I had to put the song on again just to see if they were actually serious with releasing such tripe.

After that the rest of the album, although not as bad, (what could be?) it was still jam packed full of pop, catchy, almost farcical music that wouldn't sound out of place on a Justin Bieber album.

When the album finished, I started to get a little angry. Angry because I started to think of all the teeny boppers who will like this album and go around claiming themselves as metal heads. Angry because this will be classed as a metal album when it's so clearly not and angry because it's such an obvious attempt to bring metal back into the mainstream media when we don't want it there. The best thing about being a metal head is everyone hates it and we don't care.

I'm sorry to say that Sonic Syndicate has gone over to the light side and unless they jam it into reverse very quickly with a brutal realease next, they will have lost all respect among the metal community and won't be welcome here again. I for one lost any little respect I had for them with that bomb "My Own Life" and I won't be keeping an ear out for them in the future. Shame on you Sonic Syndicate. Good riddance.