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Pop Metal - 50%

Mortido, July 8th, 2003

The first two Sonatas had some interesting stuff, although two thirds of their albums consisted of fillers and ballads of the braindead. This one is different in that aspect that most of the songs are decent, but there are not as many "great" ones than on Ecliptica. Anyway, "Victoria's Secret" is a great song, kind of their second "Full Moon". I love "Graven Image" cuz it's Braveheart - it sounds almost exactly like the James Horner's theme for Braveheart - beautiful stuff. However, some of the stuff here is really uninspired, like "Champagne Bath" and that retarded ballad "Draw Me", and if you have the japanese version of the album, you are "treated" to the most horrible, idiotic piece of art ever made: bonus track "The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me (Kill Me Please)".

The rest of the music belongs to the familiar Sonata's style. Sonata's singer definitely sounds better Stratovarius' Kotipelto, although his voice is often mixed with more effects than the voice of Britney Spears. The music is catchy, but sometimes tries to be too catchy becoming very cheesy and repetitive, but nevertheless beats all those german powermetal crap bands. The electronic mixing and effects and the overuse of keyboards makes this sound occasionally more pop than metal - it's like these guys have never listened to anything heavy, like Slayer. I think Sonata should try to become more heavy, but I have a feeling that they will just become cheesier on each album.