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Great evolution, not the best album - 88%

Manu_SwordMaster, June 16th, 2003

I want to correct some things about the previous review... The new keyboard player Henrik, didn't play in this album... That was why Jens Johansson played solos in 4 of the songs. And Tony played keyboards in all the songs (mainly backgorund)... in which he is extremely good... (he also played all backgorunds in Silence and Ecliptica). Another thing is, the ballad is called just "The Missery"...

The album is great. The songs are somehow different, Tony sings pretty fast, sometimes you can't follow the lyrics. I think it is pretty different form silence, but still has its own greatness. What I don't like so much are the 2 ballads, "The Misery", and "Draw Me" which don't achieve the great quality of "Tallulah" "The end of this chapter" or "Letter to Dana"... I find them a little bit boring, like "The Misery" 's chorus: "If you fall I'll catch, if you love I'll love, and ..."

The surprise of this album is the epic song "The ruins of my life", sings about a battle in a kingdom... but with a Sonata love theme: "all these wounds only heal when I'm home".... very good song.

The Album is not sonata's best... Silence has set a very high standard... But it is a good evolution for Sonata... i think it is different than Silence, and that is good