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The be all end all power metal album (well almost) - 96%

IWP, March 21st, 2008

Seriously, this album rules this much that it is pretty damn close to being the best power metal album ever. It's just about as fucking awesome as Helloween's Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1, it's that fucking good. It combines all of the ideas from both Ecliptica and Silence and combines them into one. The best part about this album though, is that how it has no filler songs to fuck up the awesome moments of this album. Ever since I've listened to this album, I've fallen in love with it (not like that, but you know what I mean). If one just looks past all of the cheese, the fact that Tony can be somewhat of a "whiny" singer, and the fact that this is indeed a "flower metal" album with keyboards all over the place, one can see the greatness that this album contains. It has pretty much everything a great power metal needs; speed, power, emotion, solos, catchy choruses, tastefully done ballads, and most importantly, lots of melody. I really do not care what anyone thinks, this is one of the best power metal albums ever.

There are so many awesome songs on this album that it's hard to single out favorite songs, but my choices would have to be The Cage, Victoria's Secret, Silver Tongue, and The Misery. Each of these songs has something about them that makes them unique. The Cage has a very happy almost euphoric feel to it with how the keyboards are arranged. Victoria's Secret has probably one of the catchiest choruses I've ever heard, plus it's jsut so well done with the amount of emotion the song has. Silver Tongue has nice riffs, and The Misery is indeed a ballad, but for once, it's actually a ballad that isn't dull. The song actually alters my mood a little which is what a ballad is suppose to do. It sounds like something that an 80s glam metal band would do. Just the overall feel of the song is what makes it so special, and thus so great of a song.

Champagne Bath, despite the slightly incoherent part towards the middle, is also a winner. The guitar and keyboard solos just come together and amaze the hell out of me. About the only song that comes close to filler and thus brings the score down slightly is Gravenimage. This would sound pretty good on their previous album, Silence, but they could've done away with this song. It's decent, but it takes forever to get started, and once it does, it's just alright at best. If it weren't for this song, this would surely be the best power metal album ever.

As stated before, this album is a masterpiece, and a mandatory addition to any power metal fans collection. About the only thing that this album lacks is balls. I'm definently able to overlook this though, and if you overlook it as well, you will be amazed by some nice guitar and keyboard playing along with some nice (to me anyway) vocals. This is also an album to consider if you want your MCR worshipping girlfriend to get into metal. It worked for me anyway. This, along with Sonata Arctica's first two albums are all worth getting, and I'd recommend hunting them down, as soon as possible.