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The Wolves Die Young - 95%

Altair325, February 1st, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Nuclear Blast (Digipak)

Sonata Arctica, from the very beginning, have always existed as an alternative form of power metal. Needless to say, the band represents one of many branches of musical diversity required for the metal genre to thrive, as it always will. The precision use of lyrical expression, the crisp and refined composition and a powerful message of raw emotion within each song. 'The Wolves Die Young' is no exception.

I personally long awaited the release of 'Pariah's Child'. I'm sure every reader can agree that when a metal band takes hold and you've explored, observed and enjoyed as many songs as they produce to your liking, you're anxious to hear the new material. So when I first heard 'The Wolves Die Young', I was blown away.

The musical introduction can be illustrated as an explosion of Sonata Arctica 'brand' metal. The synthesizer keyboard effects, the seemingly perfectly chosen drumming and the clean but hardy melody line. Post-intro, the heavy crunch of the bass line sets the scene for an epic Sonata Arctica composition.

Although the lyrics difficult to follow for some and perhaps rather eccentric, there is meaning in what is sung. Especially come the chorus, when a accented word of "This!' begins a chain of complex set of chord changes; thrown into a mind-boggling tempo. Despite the fusion formed in the chorus, a steady descent back to the verse is managed proudly.

What follows is consistent with the previous verse and chorus, despite a strong key change and wicked solo, but still interesting. To conclude, 'The Wolves Die Young' is an excellent representation of Sonata Arctica brand. Some argue Sonata has transformed into a very alternative power metal genre. Whilst some say this is a horrible change, I salute you, Sonata Arctica. Carry on!