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Sonata Arctica - The Last Amazing Grays

Collectors Only - 70%

The_CrY, March 11th, 2010

A small month before the release of my favorite Sonata Arctica album The Days of Grays, the lads from Finland released “The Last Amazing Grays” as a maxi single. There’s no doubt that this is a good choice for a single. This release features the single edit and an orchestral version of the title track and a video edit for “Flag in the Ground”. To be honest the extras could’ve been juicier if there had been a new song as a b-side instead of these edited album tracks.

The single edit of the title track begins with a short piano intro and then instantly begins with the verse. The rest of the song is almost the same as the original with a few cuts here and there, but it’s almost unnoticeable. I honestly don’t know the difference between the video edit for “Flag in the Ground” and the real song. Sure, this is probably the version that is to be heard on the music video, but it doesn’t really differ from the album version. Last and least we have the orchestral version of “The Last Amazing Grays”. I have nothing against orchestral versions of songs, and the orchestral bonus CD that accompanied the limited edition of The Days of Grays was exactly what it was: some extras. So is this. Don’t expect to be listening to this like you would listen to the albums, it’s just something as a bonus; quite nice but quite forgettable since you will never listen to it.

In short, this single contains good material, but nothing really worthwhile if you own the album The Days of Grays. I’d say this is only for those who would like to complete their Sonata Arctica collection.