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UARGH - 20%

Mortido, July 8th, 2003

No, no, what the hell is this!?! Usually live albums are supposed to sound BETTER than studio albums, but here the case is very, very different.
Many of the Sonata songs I like are played here, but they are ruined because they sound about as horrible as me playing Iron Maiden with an accoustic guitar (which I cannot even play). Face it guys - you can't and shouldn't play live. Why not? I'll tell you.

1. Tony Kakko, your singing sounds great on the studio album, but face it, you can't really sing. Your voice sounds terrible here, and knowing it you sound very desperate when singing. You can do some neat tricks with your voice, but you have to try ten times before you succeed. That you can do on the studio albums, plus the fact that you can mix your voice. But if you're going live, you've gotta learn to breathe! Oh, and you sound like a fag!

2. "We've got a problem - our instruments don't sound like Iron Maiden going
live! Help!" Because Maiden has now three guitarists, but they could do it with two just as well. You have only one guitarist, so how do you intend to play a lead guitar and backup guitar at the same time? Hmmm...

3. Your mixing sucks! Fire the mixer guy and get someone who can make it sound more powerful.

I thank God that this CD doesn't include picure. Now THAT would be hideuos -because even if the other band member are allright, Tony looks like a tall five-penny whore with beard, whose nervous and insecure performance is just so embarrasing to watch, that I wonder how the guy can survive after a gig without killing himself.