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Mixing the good and the hilarious - 60%

Shadow0fDeath, August 9th, 2004

Sonata Arctica's album, Silence, portrays the emotion of what seems to me like the loss of the loved one. Lyrically this album is very deep and powerful, but with such great lyrics were wasted on the horrible way the music portrays them on this album. Don't get me wrong i like this album, but it could have been a more powerful release. This album is split between the typical power metal songs, with the typical riff and generic drumming. On the other side of the split it's a few piano and balladic masterpieces. They throw in the cheesy songs such as: Weballergy, Black Sheep; where the songs are basically the cheesy power metal mixed sometimes with a techno style drumming and odd guitar/keyboard parts that just sound horrible. The benifit of this album is definately the ballads. The ballads, especially Talluluh, and Last Drop falls features nice mix of piano/keyboards then includes a nice guitar solo when the song comes closer to an end. I feel sonata arctica would be a stronger unit if they wrote this album as a more balladic release instead of continuing to jump of the power metal band wagon. The power metal songs are not that interesting, but the ballads make this album a beautiful work of art.