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Don't Get Excited Because Of The Cover! - 45%

Flamos, October 21st, 2008

I was searching the records in a local store and happened to see “Reckoning Night” by Sonata Arctica. I made the simple human mistake of judging an album by its cover and decided to purchase it. A mistake indeed, this album is bad.

Sonata Arctica fans love the vocals of Tony Kakko, but others think he’s full of air. I in fact enjoy his vocals to a point. He’s not the greatest metal singer ever as some claim him to be, but in the studio he’s respectable. Many of his live performances can be argued as stale. Here he does a decent job. Henrik Klingenberg should be happy that his keyboard playing drowns out everything Sonata Arctica does, and here it’s evident once again. Jani Liimatainen is a good guitarist and can play. The solos he can pull of can be extraordinary. I say can be, because here nothing proves that he can play the way he actually can. Riffs and solo’s are generic which makes him look bad. Marko Paasikoski plays bass on the album; it’s hard to tell because it’s drown out. At some points you can here it at all. Tommy Portimo is a good player who deserves much more recognition than he receives from the band. The line-up here is good enough to create something solid.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. This feels like radio family power metal. The band is notoriously known for covering their music with keyboards and here is no different. This can become quite annoying at times. Most of the songs here are boring and go nowhere. The opener “Misplaced” is a good track. A cool riff, which is hard to find on this album, is evident. The vocals by Kakko are solid. “Don’t Say A Word” is also respectable. “White Pearl, Black Oceans” is above average although I wish the length were cut down a little. This is about it; everything else here is a little to boring for my taste. Nothing exciting happens here, it’s everything you’d expect.

I wouldn’t buy this, don’t make the mistake I did in buying this. I’d give it a listen first, because I know many of you enjoy this. I in fact do not. If you’re a Sonata Arctica fan you’ll no doubt eat this up and praise it for everything it does. Otherwise, I’d stay a