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Not too impressive... - 42%

Nightcrawler, June 26th, 2003

In general, I have no problem with this band. I've heard two songs off Ecliptica (Full Moon and Blank File), and I have a CDR of Winterheart's Guild, and I all enjoy that stuff to a certain extent. But the material found on this single is pretty damn weak, and I can easily say that the three songs on here are the worst three songs I have by the band.
We have the title track, originally found on The Silence. Then we have a cover of Maiden's Die With Your Boots on and an acoustic version of an old track called Mary-Lou, which is only found on an EP and a few singles.
The sound isn't too different from most of their other songs, only that the songwriting skill somehow decreased quite alot, and the production is generally more upbeat than that of Winterheart's Guild. Also, the keyboards don't have quite as much prominence and generally just stay in the background for increased effects, which is something this band does very well.

The ballad Last Drop Falls opens this 3-track single, and is probably the very weakest spot of the release. For the first two minutes or so, the song is driven by a mellow and fairly decent keyboard melody, and when the guitars finally kick in they seem to enter totally randomly, and doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. The song also features another major flaw in that the verses features occasionally overlong vocal lines that really seem to drag on much longer than they were supposed to just because they needed to squeeze the lyrics inside.

The original version of Die With Your Boots On wasn't too spectacular either, but this cover version just doesn't work. Tony's vocals don't go too well with the song, and the mellow background effects during the pre-chorus sound completely out of place. Although it does have a good moment- the epic "oohooh" singalong part in the middle fucking owns. It's better than some stuff Maiden themselves did in the same vein. Nonetheless, this does not save the song. And what the hell is up with the electronic effects on the last pre-chorus?

We close with yet another overemotional ballad, the acoustic version of Mary-Lou, an old track available on an EP and some singles, can't remember which ones at this moment. They show pretty nice talent on the acoustic guitars, especially on the solo. But aside from that, the song really doesn't do much for me. The chorus is decent, but the verses are very boring and just don't flow too well. And the lyrics are pretty silly too.
Though it is actually the best song on the single, but that doesn't say much- and it isn't supposed to either.

No matter if you love or loathe the band, everyone should be able to see that Sonata Arctica can do way better than this. Not worth tracking down.