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Happy Hardcore meets Speed Metal - 80%

starguitar, October 31st, 2004

When I first picked this one up, I thought to myself , God Damn this is the cheeziest shit I ever heard. However, its good metal. All the musicians are top notch. Infact that's part of what kept me listening because I was just so amazed at each one of the band members abilities and the sound quality.

It may be cheezy, but its pure ear candy with the way they manipulate harmonies and musical transitions. I just couldn't stop listening to it. Its very catchy, but can get very redundant. Stylistcally its not very versatile. Very melodic and strong emotion are some great qualities here. I happen to find certain sections of each song that I really love. However there are certain parts of some songs that to me, ruin the whole song by a high pitched vocal scream that really throws you off. Its sounds cool and its in key but its just so fucking obnoxious. Certain guitar lines too, we get the point you can shred. So what. I would have liked to hear more variety of keyboard sounds though. The production and sound quality is HUGE. I'm willing to bet though they don't sound so god-like live.

All in all, its definetly like nothing I've ever heard before. If yougive it a chance it will grow on you. The continuity is excellent. Not a dull moment for me. I find it to be a very unique and an inspiring album. Its obvious these guys understand music theory very well.
Sometimes it reminds me of that hopeless romantic pussy dance music mixed with speed metal. Now you have a new catagory, "POP-Metal".

The best way I think to truely appreciate this particular piece of work is to take a pill of ecstasy, and enjoy listening to it very loudly, whether its in your car or preferably when you're at a party where everyone is on X and into the same style of music. Then is the only time when its cool to be cheezy.