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A Metal Journey You've Been On Many Time Before. - 87%

elfo19, March 17th, 2008

Why do you people insist on calling this flower metal? I hear no references to flowers in the lyrics, and the songs are not light and airy. However, if you insist on calling it that I won't get angry, I'll just call you things like "lame bastards".

Sonata Arctica is one of those bands that's extremely melodic, has speeding guitars, and incorporates keyboards. It really sounds a lot like Deris-era Helloween. Though this band has been compared to Dragonforce this is not true. In fact ever since Dragonforce commercialized a little about everything that's metal with keyboards is compared to Dragonforce. This is not like Dragonforce for all you haters of that band. This is a more matured, complex band than Dragonforce. This band has variety in it's songwriting and is clearly a more under the radar band of geniuses.

With that said I can tell you what this album is all about. It is just like all that stuff you've probably already heard. It sounds like Deris-era Helloween, a little like Yngwie Malmsteen, like Blind Guardian with less edgy vocals, and a little like Edguy and all of Tobias' side projects, I bet you can already hear this music in your ears. That's what I'm talking about.

The singer sounds like every other similar singer, the keyboards are right out of something you've already heard, and the whole thing sounds like a re-hash. Of course, this is after I have listened to quite a lot of this genre of metal. If you are new to this genre then get this album immeadiately. It will hook you into the genre because it's very accesible to a new fan. It has lyrics that won't annoy anyone, a lot of shorter catchy songs, and still some thrashy stuff, if that's what you've been listening to. This is a very good album to slowly ween yourself into the power metal genre.

So I have spoke for those who are new to the genre, how about those old? Well, as I said, it's all been done before. The vocals are very Deris-like, the guitars, just like every other band like this, and it feels like it's all been done before, and it has. I didn't find this band out into a while after I loved the genre and it sounded just like everything I had had for months, even years. Good, yet bad.

The music for the genre is actually quite good. All of the songs are very melodic ventures into the already invented genre. The only song I fail to really grasp is "8th Commandment" which seems really old. My two favorite songs are the two ballads, "Replica" and "Letter To Dana". Both of these songs actually sound fresh and exciting. This band has a lot of fast ones, but the slower ones are the real gems. If a member of the band (yeah right!) is reading this, stick to the ballads Sonata Arctica.

So, I gave this album a 87, because the music is actually quite good. If you are new to the genre then this will most likely become one of your favorites, but for those very familiar with the genre, it's same old, same old.