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Flower metal fails to own anything! - 15%

UltraBoris, August 21st, 2002

This album pretty much summarises everything that is wrong with modern European "power" metal. WHERE'S THE POWER!?

The really bad part of this album is not the fact that the keyboards are the lead instrument, but that they are not even used correctly - the production completely highlights the drums, especially the incessant double bass, which can kill a horse after one or two songs, it's that damn repetitive. There must be some rule in power metal (especially Finnish and Italian power metal) that you HAVE TO USE THE DAMN DOUBLE BASS. Or else, the great Satan will take away your precious production values and turn you into Megiddo.

I wish.

This album is filled with songs that try too damn hard to put in hooks, and therefore end up being not memorable at all. Songs like "Blank File", the supposed "classic" of this album, just try too damn hard. They take a bastardised speed metal riff and ride it into oblivion, playing the first eight or so notes over and over again. "Uhh, Judas Priest called. Freewheel Burning intro riff is only supposed to be played four times, not four hundred."

At least there is a riff - the rest of the album gets quickly worse. The guitars just kind of are there, because they are supposed to be, while the keyboards go off into random lands of wankery while the vocals tend to be the cohesive elements carrying the song. Uhh no, that's not how to make metal, kids.

It's just so fucking horrible - the songs get very very tiring very very fast, as they are all the same, all being played overfast with little regard to guitar composition, and those damn keyboards are cheesy as fuck.

Oh yeah and there are ballads too. I will not begin to describe them, choosing to say only that my time would have been better spent if I had chosen to, instead of listening to them, anally pleasure an adult male rhinoceros.

Oh yeah and for the certain people that think this is better than Painkiller? "EVIL'S GOING UNDER DEADLY WHEELS!!!!!" You know who you are.