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Defining Album in SA/Power Metal - 94%

PowerMetalGuardian, April 30th, 2005

Ecliptica, Sonata Arctica's first album is a masterpiece of power metal. The album in its entirety is almost flawless. Now a lot of people will argue against this, but read my review and see if you agree. Albums like Ecliptica is the reason why I am extremely jealous of Europeans. I had to get this album imported to me in the States, but it was well worth the price.

This album has a constant flow of heavy/fast and melodic/slow songs, which is good because it throws variety into the album. Some power metal albums are boring because the riffs sounds the same in every song. Not so in Ecliptica. There is a nice blend of power chords, fast picking, and clean melodies. The guitar licks and riffs are probably the best Sonata Arctica have done in their career so far.

Lyric wise...well this is power metal. Cheese to the extreme, Sonata Arctica may be the number one power metal band when it comes to cheesy lyrics. Greatest example would be Letter to Dana. You don't even need to listen to the music, just read the lyrics and get ready to laugh. If you just read the lyrics you will notice a lot of broken English (incomplete English). That is no mistake. This really doesn't bother me as much because when it is tied around the rest of the music, it gives it a distinct sound. Tony's vocals are really powerful, which is good to see in power metal. It can be heavy and full, but on clean parts smooth and enjoyable.

Tying these two together now; the lyrics fit nicely in with the guitar riffs, like a puzzle. Everything clicks and you see this happen on Blank File all the way through Destruction Preventer. There is at least one awesome guitar riff in every song. And of course what power metal band would not be set without keyboards? The keys add a great background push to the music, not until albums like Winterheart's Guild do the keys become a huge part of the band. That's not to say that the keyboard solo's aren't good, or important, because they are as well. There are some really good piano pieces, like the beginning to Full Moon, in Replica etc.

All the songs on this album are good, although I don't care much for UnOpened and Picturing the Past. Most people I have talked to enjoy this album up to Full Moon. Letter To Dana makes them totally hate the album. I like this song though. It has the worst lyrics, but it has an enjoyable flute melody. The part where it goes, "Your father disowned you because you have sinned..." okay this is what I am talking about when I say "powerful" vocals.

If you despise power metal and/or call it flower metal, then don't even bother with this album. It's that simple. Die hard power metal fans, and people who like Kamelot, HammerFall, Edguy, etc. this is for you. The only difference is the vocals, which I think are extremely well done. The sound coming off this album is top notch. It's not extreme, bang your head, metal, but it does have a feel good quality. Not bad for Sonata's first album! A must for all true power metal fans.