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"First album? What a band!!!" - 97%

Chozodragon, April 8th, 2008

Sonata Arctica is among the first power metal bands I listened to. And I begun with this cd. Maybe this is overrated, but the songwriting is still striking me. It is definitely and excellent album. Couple this to the fact it was exactly the kind of metal I wanted and you get 97%.

The tracklisting is perfect. "Blank File" catches you with the first 5 seconds. I t takes you to the world of Sonata: speed, brightness, emotion, technic. The solo in this song is properly awesome, it is a guitar/keyboards duet (the keyboards are played by Tony Kakko, vocalist) that really succed in making you laugh of joy and jumping in the street. When this song finishes, leaving you without your head, the first notes of "My Land" resonate. Strong, but emotional power-ballad, mid-tempo, well executed. The two other ballads on this album are "Replica" and "Letter to Dana", also really beautiful. There is SOMETHING in the songwriting that gets Sonata Arctica above the mainstream power metal bands. Indeed, this is not about power, friends, metal, armaggedon, and so on. They're not Dragonforce. The lyrics show themselves as deep and to me original. It is almost futuristic, almost Stephen King science fiction, never mainstream. And it fits perfectly to the music.

Two songs are really showing the band's skills: FullMoon and Destruction Preventer. Both are destined to be played live, but they are also changing, efficient, and install their own atmospheres.

Really good point that distinguishes very good power metal albums: we meet no fillers here. Unopened, fast and "easy", is nevertheless a good surprise. Picturing the Pas and Eighth Commandment are speed but feature not the kind of usual power-speed riffing.

There is something really special with this album. A whole universe. It makes you finding yourselves walking on the deserted land of the artwork. Blue, white, at night, but also brilliant.