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Cheesey as hell, but I dig it. - 72%

caspian, September 5th, 2006

I'm not a big power metal fan. For the most part, I like my metal super serious. Still, you can't listen to nothing but serious stuff all the time, you gotta have stuff that will make you headbang and bring a smile on your face. Dragonforce was my default turn-brain-off kind of metal, but after buying this (and a few other) Sonata Arcitca releases, looks like I might be turning to these guys more often.

The first song, admittedly, is a bit too much. The vocals aren't all that good, and there's way too many vocals. Still, the soloing is somewhat righteous. The second song is definetly the best tune though. Ain't your Fairytale has some somewhat awesome riffing, the synths are cheesey but complement the music perfectly, and the vocals are really freaking cool. They just fit in the music very well. Combine the excellent fast riffs with an effective mid tempo break in the middle combines to create something that is super headbangable and awesome.

The third song is quite hilariously bad. I've never heard the original, but I doubt it's this terrible. I guess, that's what you expect from the mixing of two completely different bands. (Power Metal band covers Depeche Mode?? WTF??) The guitars are quite disjointed, and clash horribly with the synths and the terribly programmed electronic drums. It's a very typical example of why metal and techno should never be mixed together.Oddly enough though, the sheer badness of this song isn't as annoying as it would normally be. I think the happiness and general metal-ness of the first two tracks helps make this song more amusing then annoying. The fourth song, also a cover, is a fair bit better. I haven't heard the original, but the song really isn't that bad. It's got a monster of a chorus and the synths fit quite well with the guitars. Vocals are done fairly well in this track too.

In the end, this is an entertaining, if ultimately shallow and flowery, bit of power metal. Don't expect a life changing experience, expect something to lift weights/get drunk too. 80% for tracks 1,2 and 4, and 50% for track 3. An Average of.. 72%