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AESTHENIA/SOMRAK - Split 7" - 80%

Harsh, January 8th, 2007

First up is the offering from Oregon's Aesthenia "Invocations Unto Belial". A gruesome little slice of BM. I really dig the guitar tone (courtesy of Mr. Kadaver) on this and the slightly dirty, bassy mix. The tempo alternates from a mid-paced romp to full speed thrashy blast. Vokillist Imperial Wolfe does a killer job switching the "all meters peaked red" scream with a "Pete Steele on quaaludes" chant. I don't know if his voice is altered somehow or not, but it's fucking cool. Good shit.

Somrak blast out of the gates with some full-on worship at the altar of Celtic Frost (and I mean that with utmost respect). Supra-evil vocal delivery from Igor, awesome string work from Aris & Mitja and hammer-to-the-skull drumming via Matej. This a solid piece of thrashy BM from Slovenia. I'll bet these guys kick ass live.

Both of these tracks deserve some recognition. What I found most original about both tracks were the vocal styles. They both stand out. We all like to talk about supporting the underground, but too few put there money where their mouth is.