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Total Burzum worship - but very good - 80%

blashyrkh66, September 17th, 2008

This EP from the French group Sombre Chemin is 4 solid tracks of blackness with an obvious, heavy handed Burzum influence. In this case though, it is not a bad thing, they have learned well, and do incorporate a bit of their own touch to it.

It is mostly fast black metal with some spaces of mid-paced plodding or ambience, and vocals that could have been lifted straight from a Burzum LP. The production is low-fi, but not annoyingly so, just raw enough to do the job. The songs immediately captured my attention and I was hooked for all 4 tracks. I can't say how memorable it will be, but upon this first listen I do like it quite a bit, and if Burzum inspired black metal is a genre you are drawn to, this would not be a bad release to have in your collection. Sombre Chemin are more adept at this sound than most people I have heard trying to copy Christian Vikernes' style and will hopefully evolve their work even further into their own worthy black beast.