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Necksnapping Brutality!!!! - 98%

TortureFiend, August 9th, 2007

Right here we have one of the most brutal and barbaric death/thrash releases from the "morrisound era" of the early 90s... This album is a lesson in absolute anger, hate, and maliciousness! The music here is simply ABRASIVE. From the first song through the last, the listener is repeatedly pummelled by an intense death/thrash assault that absolutely takes no prisoners! The tempo is upbeat, with lots of gallop riffs and downright thrashy mayhem that is similar to some other "morrisound" releases of the era (Devastation tx, Sindrome, Demoliton Hammer, etc. for example) - except solstice is much more in your face and brutal. Shouldnt be surprising since both Rob Barrett + Alex Marquez are both featured on this album, and as you all know, they went on to create the classic "retribution" album with Malevolent Creation soon after... The sound on here really cant be undersatated. The production achieved here is crisp, SUPER thick, with cutting drums that will dice you into tiny bits as you massively bang your head off. Rob Barrett wrote the majority of this album by himself, and also does the vocals, and it is quite obvious he had some anger to get off his chest! Included on here as well is a Carnivore cover that will bring back memories. Top it off with cover artwork by Edward J. Repka (who did the early DEATH covers) and you have one irresistable package of hate every thrashing maniac should have in their collection! First time listeners to this band should seek out THIS album, and not the follow-up "Pray" first. It is a solid album, but the 2nd one does not feature Rob Barrett, and his replacement makes this album sound TOO much like the "ten commandments" Malevolent Creation release... especially with his vocals. This is the true representation of Solstice, and it will kill you.