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Amazing Post-Black - 86%

Serpenthrone777, April 5th, 2007

The album, Black For Death (An Icelandic Odyssey Part II), by Solefad begins and ends in an epic blast of folk-reminiscent symphonic post-black energy. A combination of master craft poetry, epic songwriting, and amazing melodic and harsh vocals, makes this album a must-have for anyone interested in expanding their black metal tastes past the so called tr00 wave of Norwegian kult black metal.

The album begins with the amazing track, Red For Fire + Black For Death, which I have to comment on as the perfect beginning for the album. It conveys the amazing instrument manifestations of both the harsher traditional black metal feel as well as the elegant folk-sounding symphonic atmosphere. Though the pace may change to a lighter tone through the album, this track conveys the emotional intensity of the album perfectly.

Overall, the instrumentals are beautifully crafted to work in perfect union with the symphonic aspects and the vocals. The vocals themselves are beautiful, flowing seamlessly through the album in perfect harmony to the atmosphere being created.