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Solar Fragment - Promo 2005

Totally addictive! - 78%

Warrior_Of_Erebus, April 11th, 2006

“Lets make a good start”, that’s what the guys of Solar Fragment must have thought when they made this promo. And a great start is exactly what they made. This promo lives up to its goal: giving a summary of what the band plays.

The three songs on it are very different from each other - not only in style and speed, but also in tone and atmosphere – without giving the impression you are listening to different genres or different bands. Another nice thing is the original sound this band makes. Even though it’s almost impossible to stand out in this genre, Solar Fragment manages to create a personal sound with their constantly changing speed. Speed, in fact is what makes this band so nice to listen to. The constant fluxes in speed create an almost astonishing experience, especially as there are sometimes a couple of seconds between the changing in speed of vocals and music.

Let’s get on with some specific points about the songs. The first song, ‘Wanderlust’, seems a bit strange at some points. This is due to the fact that it sounds as if Robert Leger, who has a great throat by the way, sings a tiny bit slower than the music. Many may see this as something bad, but I think this was done on purpose. Why I think so? Because it sounds good and is a nice way of distinction from the tons of other Melodic Power bands.
On top of this strange effect, the music is really melodic and really powerful. The solo’s are, as is often the case with this genre, plenty, fast and beautiful.

‘To Thy Crown’, the second song, starts with a good instrumental part, which is a bit standard. The rest of the song, however, makes up for this easily and would even make up for something like ten really terrible songs. (Luckily, these terrible songs are nowhere to be found.) It’s nothing like standard with lots and lots of variations in both music and vocals. The lyrics of this song are also worth mentioning. Not only are they fairly original, but also extremely addictive. I know only one song of which the lyrics are even more addictive: number three on this CD, ‘The Assassin’! More about that later. In summary: the addictive lyrics, the variations in the music – even during the singing – and the energy of this song are sure to make for pleasant listening.

The third and, unfortunately, last song on this promo is not only the most addictive song, but also the song with the most Power. The variations and solo’s make this song, like the other two, great to listen to. There’s no more really to be said about it. It’s just great.

Overall, I think this CD is almost too addictive. After listening to it for about 30 minutes, the rhythms and lyrics keep on playing around in your head. This is not such a bad thing, though, as both of these are great. Also, the many variations in speed and other things make this promo unable to bore anybody who likes good, fast and melodic music. I would not be surprised if these guys got far, REALLY far.

I just want to add one final remark. On the back of the case, the following is written: “feel the urge to bang your head! Your neck surely won’t resist.” This is the first time, on any of the CD’s I bought, that such a text is actually true. Indeed, it was difficult for me not to start banging on these beautiful tunes!