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On suns of blood and dogs with scabies - 59%

EzraBlumenfeld, December 19th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Black Market Metal Label

The eponymous debut album of Colombian death metal project Sol de Sangre is nothing special. When I received it in a Metalhead Box back in October, I was sure I was going to love it and consider it one of my new favorite albums; I'd already heard a bit of buzz about it online. So I popped it in my CD player and gave it a spin.

I must say I wasn't too impressed. The riffs are watered-down, recycled old cliches of death metal; and vocals especially are absolutely horrendous.

When I listen to death metal, the vocals are really a deciding factor in whether or not I like an album. They either need to be really brutal and violent or they need to legitimately scare me. I've been scared by everyone from to Chuck Schuldiner to Mikael Ã…kerfeldt to Dani Filth, and those have become some of my favorite vocals of all time. Sol de Sangre's vocalist Kike Valderrama is not any of those people. In fact, he has a style all his own. And let me tell you: It sucks.

Like it really, really sucks. The impression I get from this music is that not only does Kike have a rather unfortunate first name, but his growl must be exceptionally mediocre in order for it to be buried in such a ridiculous amount of artificial distortion. This guy sounds more like he belongs in an American hardcore band than anything else. They completely ruin any ounce of originality or excitement that may have shone through in the already-boring and repetitive album. In fact, the vocals are so bad that they outdo even the bland riffage in taking the spotlight as worst part of the album.

So, all things considered, this album isn't very good at all. The songs don't stand out from each other, and the riffs are all either generic or stolen from classic bands. Oh, and did I mention how much the vocals suck? Because that's the worst part and probably actually the single reason I would never recommend this album to anybody.