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For Diehards only. - 50%

Justin_Bork, January 7th, 2005

Theres really no reason to purchase this, unless you're a diehard. The songs aren't very good (save for the last track which rules), and can be found on other releases. While it is good to have as a nic-nac, it won't be in your playing rotation at all.

Some songs here, frankly are just bad. Such as the Deep Purple cover which has hideous female vocals which sounds like a bad theme song to a bland 80's sit-com. Distingetrated Skies is decent, nothing special. The Mercyful Fate cover could be decent, but the production of the song is terrible. This EP also packs the original version of 'Shadow Child' a very popular song of the band, which I can see people buying this just for the song. It's an interesting listen, but the revamped version will get much more play. The closer though, a live version of 'Aardvark Trail' is amazing, Soilwork should have done a live album from the show they played this at, as it sounds really good.

In conclusion, this EP has one great song, three mediocre ones, and a flat out bad song. This is for diehards only, if you're just getting into the band, plan on buying this last, as it carries the price of a full-length album.

Instead of selling this, it should have been released as a bonus disc on an album, or it should been released with more rare material, as it doesn't really warrent a purchase, at least for it's hefty price. If you're a fan I would suggest buying it though, as I don't see this EP being in circulation very long.