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actually good for Soiwork - 75%

Axis_Corpsefucker, October 17th, 2005

Heavy-clear production creating fast-paced/mid-paced Gothenburg metal the way it should be done. Now this is Soilwork before they began sucking and turning into that gayass “I trusted you but got betrayed boo hoo” emo nonsense. Sure the lyrics suck and sometimes the choruses are overly cheesy but at least in this album they’ll make you mosh and want to kick your dog across the room.

The album opens up with an instrumental with heavy Maiden worship twin leads, which helps set the mood for the album as a whole. Now I hate overly gay melodies and shitty twin leads going all over the place where it simply resembles the two guitarists jacking each other off. But this album, although filled with those exact attributes, grew on me, simply because of the heavy riffs that are hidden amongst those commercial rock licks. The two guitarists really did a good job making those riffs where its almost irresistible to headbang (ie. The riff after the chorus on “Demon in Veins”) and they’re both obviously talented with them switching off leads and doing Maidenesque solos.

The vocalist, Speed, sucks though. He’s the one that’s really bringing this album and the band down as a whole. First off, his lyrics are gay, he’s just probably one of those kids that goes to and talks to his 12-yearold girlfriend. He also can’t sing. His growling is mediocre but when he attempts to sing (which thankfully he reduces to a minimum on this album) it just ruins the whole song and even the album. The drumming is solid and the bass work is unaudible, but the guitarwork makes up for all of that.

This album isn’t really a bad album but the big down point is that there really isn’t a “good” song on here. Meaning, there isn’t a song that really captivates you and makes you want to just listen to it over and over, all the songs are just normal, nothing special. Its just a listenable Gothenburg album that doesn’t go gay. There are a bunch of riffs that stand out but simply there aren’t any songs as a whole that glimmer out from the rest.

Overall, aside from the cheesy leads and gayass synthesizers and lyrics, it’s a good album. This album is for people into Maiden but aren’t used to death metal vocals and for people that really are starting off in the death metal genre. Also if you’re 12 and think In Flames is the best band ever, please fuck off.

RECOMMENDED SONG: Demon in Veins, Steelbath Suicide
LYRICS: The lyrics are gay beyond belief that it will make you gay
PRODUCTION: Heavy but clear
PACKAGING: (Reissue) a see-thru guy is on the cover, comes with lyrics sheet
OVERALL: Not a bad album but not so great either