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Yes, they can get worse - 22%

stefan86, December 15th, 2004

I can't believe that these guys are releasing another album that sounds exactly the same as their last yet slightly more retarded. "Figure Number Five" sucked quite badly and had about 2 minutes of worthy music and this is even worse. This band isn't even a metal band anymore in my opinion. These songs are pop tunes. A B-tuned guitar that occasionally blurs out something Korn-sounding doesn't change that. There really isn't any metal to be found here.

Basically, it's all the same. The only "progression" they've made is introducing those random fast parts that many tracks on In Flames two latest shitfests had. Many people would call these "Thrash riffs", but what the fuck? It's just a mallcore Gothenburg riff played fast with some muppet-sounding fast drumming on it. That isn't thrashy damn it. The riffs here are generally rehashed "Colony"-Gothenburg stuff or downtuned 3 chord dissonance ones. Either way, they range from almost being acceptable to total suckage. What really bugs me is that most of the musicians in this band are capable of playing something that truly belongs in the metal genre if they wanted to. What the hell, they could have disbanded Soilwork in 2001 and made an electronic sounding rock band instead.

As for songwriting, there's nothing good to find here in that department either. Soilwork were actually achieving their catchiness goals way better around the time of "A Predator's Portrait" and "Natural Born Chaos". The songs here are even more randomly written than those on FNF. Nothing fits together in any way when it comes to riffs, choruses, verses, whatever. There is no musical flow to be found anywhere

This album does what each and every other mallcore/Gothenburg clone does. It wanks around, wanks around some more, and then it's over. There is no direction, no metal and no intensity to be found. I'm sure every fan of swedish pseudo-metal will love this though, because "Stabbing The Drama" certainly shows off what that genre is in every way. Sadly (for Soilwork), I want actual metal in metal. I find this album to be a display of total crappiness.