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Soilwork at their absolute peak? yup. - 100%

plebman, June 23rd, 2011

This release is possibly amongst the 3 best melodeath releases of all time; In Flames' "Clayman" and Dark Tranquillity's "Fiction" making up the rest. Bjorn's sheer class is evident right through from the beginning of "Stabbing the Drama" (single) all the way to the end of "Where Ever Thorns May Grow", time and time again the ingenuity of Bjorn's unwavering vocals find a new way to distract you, then slap you to ensure you don't know what's coming.

Ola and Peter have absolutely come into their own recording this record, fantastic rhythms throughout with perhaps a few out of place solos flicked in to provide even the most die hard Soilwork fan with something to listen to. In relation to their other albums, this one is THAT much better - even more so than "Natural Born Chaos" and "A Predator's Portrait", lyrically more complex than both of those previous releases.

The best single off this album is difficult to decide, each song being different to one another, but being ultimately catchy in itself in a different way. "Stabbing the Drama" is their best album to date, both lyrically and musically - with a great vocal presence from Bjorn throughout.

Even if you're not a fan of Soilwork, this is a must have for any metal fan; offering a wide variety to a lot of people. Crushing rhythms on "Where Ever Thorns May Grow", catchy choruses on "Stabbing the Drama" and "Distance", with sheer epic vocal presence from Bjorn on "If Possible". Overall, this is their best record, and 1 of 3 releases worth buying from Gothenburg's latest, and one of the greatest. Buy this record, it's worth it!