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I like this record - 75%

invaded, July 17th, 2006

Many people have been bashing this record caliming that Soilwork have sold out and that they've gone nu-metal, I think that this record is pretty straight melodic death from a very tight band with an amazing singer. It may not have the "trooo" quality that some fans may be looking for, but I would that this is a very musically adept record.

For one thing there is way too much riffing on here and some prrtty kickass drumming from newcomer Dirk Verbeuren to kick things off with a solid smack in the opener "Stabbing the Drama". This record however, belongs to Speed, the singer. His screams are pretty good and his clean vocals are absloutely amazing. He manages to find a catchy and impressively coherent melody for each song, and I find the band keeps it fresh on every turn here. The musicians are super tight. The drums and the guitars lock in seemlessly and there seems to be an amazing band chemistry going on throughout the record's entirety.

The record itself has strong songs all the way through. There was never a moment on this record where I was REALLY disappointed. This is just very strong and catchy melodic death metal.

Some particularly good songs are the heavy as shit "One with the Flies", "The Crestfallen" has a very nice breakdown, "Distance" and Observation Slave" are the two tracks which to me had the strongest melodic choruses, and "Blind Eye Halo" is just absolutely crushing with a very effective use of blastbeats.

This is a very solid record with some very strong smart song arrangements and some wicked musicianship. I think there's a reasong Soilwork get the publicity they do; they've truly honed their craft and at least this time, to me, have released a very solid offering.