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This album is not even a disappontment - 68%

WitheringToSerenity, June 6th, 2005

Being a faithful follower of Soilwork and their change in direction, Stabbing the Drama really comes as no surprise to me. It is as many have pointed out a logical successor to Figure Number Five. Straying further away from the sound that many enjoyed between the Chainheart Machine-Natural Born Choas era of Soilwork. Gone are the guitar melodies from A Predators Portrait and the continuous aggression of Chainheart Machine. But I'm here to judge the cleverly named *rolls eyes* Stabbing the Drama.

Soilwork is trying to break more ground in creating an intense sound while retaining a more accessible presence simulatoneously with the increased alternation of clean vocals and radio friendly choruses and far more simplistic guitar riffs. There are many moments in this album where I do recall guitar parts that would not be out of place on a nu metal record. Now I'm not going to directly call this such an atrocious name but have they have strayed quite a bit from the metal direction in favour of a more accessible approach. The middle section of Nerve is a perfect example. as well as the helmet reject riff from the verse of The Crestfallen for nu moments.

Even if Soilwork's vocalist have improved his overall vocal's it just begins to seem further our of place than ever before and throughout the entire album the listener is just wanting more and more. The rhythm is not memorable at all as most bands but the problem here lies in that the guitar parts are only slightly above this. Half the time now they do not even achieve half thrash guitar raffs.

All criticism aside, this album could have been alot worse. It had a bit much of a nu/hardcore presence for my taste and I'm sure there are many out there who will appreciate this effort alot more than I have. Their vocalist does not suck and sometimes the riffs are a bit catchy although entirely unmemorable. Nothing headbangable but occasionally enjoyable. I would recommend Natural Born Chaos if you are more interested in the new side of Soilwork because I do feel they have done enough of what they attempted on Stabbing the Drama much better on previous albums.