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Something we'd all like to do - 90%

Tides_Of_Time, June 26th, 2010

Soilwork has been an incredible band from the beginning. I got into them through this album and is my favorite (which will probably change with the new The Panic Broadcast).

This album has almost no flaws, it is incredible from beginning to end. You have everything from the crushing "Blind Eye Halo" with no clean vocals as well as the slow and epic "If Possible" being the only song with acoustic guitars. The guitars are crushing and groovy, drums are in your face and noticeable, and the keyboards create an epic or atmospheric background depending on the song. Bjorns vocals are amazing and more diverse than I believe most vocalists can pull off. You have screaming, a little growling here and there, something I think you could describe as a half-way point between screaming and singing, and the segment in "The Crestfallen" where he just talks in a harmonious way. The only reason I would not give this album a 100% is because I feel the melody could have been a little better.

You begin with the title track, which just makes you feel like you're ready to take on a sworn enemy. You have the blast-beat and thrashing "Blind Eye Halo". You have the fast-paced but still melodic and strong "One With The Flies", "The Crestfallen", and "Stalemate". You have the epic and passionate "Weapons Of Vanity", "Nerve", and "If Possible". And finally you have the mid-temp songs all in a row "Distance", "Observation Slave" and the also epic "Fate In Motion".

It's an over-all powerful, passionate album and a definite must-listen for Soilwork fans.